CarbonPool Staking

Carbon – the main building block of our planet and our life! The fourth largest element of the universe! After oxygen the most abundant element in our bodies.

Elemental Carbon can be beautiful as in Diamonds or transport energy as in charcoal. In Carbondioxide (CO2) its a necessity for plants to grow as well as a menace to the climate of our planet.

„We’re running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere… can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe“

– Elon Musk

We want to support the integrity of one of the best economic innovations of our age – cryptocurrency – and especially the evolving Cardano ecosystem. As well as integrate this modern commercial with the necessity of protecting our climate and reduce global warming.

Since cryptocurrencies especially in proof-of-work technologies face the problem of causing large quantities of energy consumption and therefore CO2 production. Proof of stake crypto-projects and especially Cardano possess the opportunity, through lower energy production, of building a greener climate neutral economic system and can help evolve our traditional – energy inefficient – banking system into climate friendly version and age.

We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”Contributing makes me feel like I’m being useful to the planet.“

– Barak Obama, former US-President

We believe that in order to  establish ecological greener systems, regardless of the niche in which they are employed, this can not be done alone. These projects have to be joint efforts by multiple – and increasing numbers –  of  people /stakeholders. To convince partners to join such endeavors we think that it is essential to also provide value besides progressing to the ideological aim. 

In respect to financial systems and especially cryptocurrencies this translates to providing financial value to its member besides supporting greener technologies (proof-of-stake; eco-charities etc.). This value proposition can be the incentive for onboarding partners into these projects.   

We want to help our investors / stakeholders to gain a profitable but climate friendly investment

therefore we:

  • Run our servers with renewable energy
  • Ensure our server hosting is 100% carbon neutral (including Services, Delivery- and Work-Transport, and other operational pathways)
  • 40 % of our margin earnings will be donated to fight climate change

Cost 340 ADA
Margin 0.99%

Running on 100% renewable energy

40% of margin revenue donated to climate protection causes

Ticker : CRBN

PoolID: pool1wc2vw2x2xu2van4acthhk08xtucm8ddpuphmw0ahnc99qtz4a64

Stake your Cardano with us in Daedalus or Yoroi Wallet and be part of a greener future!

Proud Member of the Climate Neutral Cardano Group (CNCG) of Stakepool operators.